HuffPost: The Climate Kids Are All Right

HuffPost: The Climate Kids Are All Right.
25mm napoleonic british - fusiliers (old school) 24 figures - inf (33583)

1992 Chaos Dwarf Bull Centaur Standard Bearer Body 2 Renders Citadel Dawi Zharr

25mm napoleonic austrian - line (old school) 24 figures - inf (35471)

NBC News: Earth Day founder’s daughter says her dad would be ‘deeply distressed’ by climate inaction.

25mm roman era roman - cavalry 16 cavalry - cav (10744)

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Bretonnian Organ Gun 461

OOP Warhammer Gotrek & Bugman shield-bearers 30th White Dwarf Anniversary model kajcfj2094-WFB Miniatures

13 x Wood Elf Warriors OOP metal Marauder Games Workshop Models 1990s

ABC News: ‘In every way, this is more significant than Watergate’: House Intel Chairman Schiff.

25mm ACW old west - gunfighters 10 figures - inf (29019)

15mm napoleonic french - line 32 figures - inf (23706)

The Daily Beast: Saudi Sisters Escape to Georgia and Plead for Asylum on Twitter.

Citadel Warhammer classic 90s Skaven Doomwheel A oop

Business Insider: We’re altering the climate so severely that we’ll soon face apocalyptic consequences. Here are 11 last-ditch ways we could hack the planet to reverse that trend..
15mm 7YW german - 2 regts. 24 figures - inf (26165)